Exclusive Interview with Sullivan Stapleton ...​ Questions from fans on 20th October 2013


Sullivan Stapleton: Sorry folks I don't know what happened. Just about to go to work on a new film but I have a few minutes. So whoever is on here ask away and I will do my best to answer as many as I can before I have to go to work. Shoot!!!!


Barb Kendall: If you could choose any role to play, stage or screen, from Shakespeare to current times who would you want to play?


Sullivan Stapleton: Han Solo!!


Sullivan Stapleton Fans Page: What is the new film you're about to start? Can you talk about it?


Sullivan Stapleton: It's called Cut Snake. Aussie thriller.


Amanda Leigh Nelson: This the film you're doing (rumored) with Ryan Kwanten?


Sullivan Stapleton: Yep but he's out now.


Debbie Donohue: Hi Sully, fellow Aussie here. I was curious is Scott's new tattoo real? If so, what does it say?


Sullivan Stapleton: Yes it's real Debbie and it's a tatt I designed for the film Animal Kingdom. I told the director if the film does well I'd get it. The film did really well don't you think. It says Animal Kingdom in Thai.


Sullivan Stapleton Fans Page: Back to Strike Back for a moment, how did you feel about the Richmond/Scott mash-up?


Sullivan Stapleton: I like it. We will have to wait and see what happens. I have no idea myself. What do you guys think about it?


Amy Newbrough Sullivan: You are the man. What a cool thing to do for your fans!


Sullivan Stapleton: You guys rock more!!!!!
Amanda: OK, you're awesome! First, let me say, Strike Back was AMAZING this year. If you could give Scott any piece of advice, what would it be?


Sullivan Stapleton: Find a great girl. Settle down and have some little Scotts.


Barb Kendall: Would you and Philip Winchester ever want to have a drive off on Top Gear?


Sullivan Stapleton: Fu@k yeah Barb. But you know who would win!!!


Brianne Stewart: Thanks again Sullivan you're definitely one of the good guys Good luck on the new film!


Sullivan Stapleton: Thanks for all the support makes work even more fun knowing people like what I do.


Carolyn Maciejko: Where is one location that you have not filmed at that you would love to have a shoot?


Sullivan Stapleton: Mexico, tequila and tacos!!!


Carolyn Maciejko: OK, follow up, why Mexico? PS. I was hoping you'd say Canada!


Sullivan Stapleton: Never been, can't wait to get there.


Brianne Stewart: Thanks for doing this Sully, super sweet of you. I have a friend visiting Melbourne soon...anything she must do or place to visit?


Sullivan Stapleton: Up to the Dandenongs and down the coast. Mornington Peninsula.


Alanna Crawford: What is your favourite part of playing Damien Scott or maybe not so favourite! Thank you.


Sullivan Stapleton: The show is so much fun. We have an absolute ball making it and Scott is a great character to play. He finds the fun in most situations.


Dawn Reay: Do you ever get fed up of the ridiculous amount of questions about you being naked? (not that we'd ever get fed up of seeing that mighty fine naked body ;-)).


Sullivan Stapleton: No it's part of my job and I guess if people are interested in that then it means they are interested in the show.


Brianne Stewart: Important question about life...how do you take your coffee? Haha!


Sullivan Stapleton: Really strong. One sugar.


Charlotte Sanders Strickland: Where was your favourite place to film on Strike Back?  


Sullivan Stapleton: Cape Town.


Alanna Crawford: Think you and Phillip will be at Comic Con next year? Think we need to get tickets!


Sullivan Stapleton: Yes we are going back next year.


Marjie Campling: Have you ever been to an English football match?


Sullivan Stapleton: No not yet. You ever been to an Aussie Rules match? More goals and smaller shorts. You'd love it!


Isai Clement: What’s the name brand and model of the new shades you wear in this last season? Your character is the freaking man take care!


Sullivan Stapleton: They are Oakleys. Don't know which model sorry!

Sullivan Stapleton Got to run guys. Thanks for all the support, really appreciate it. X